169th Tank Brigade

169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Unit Awards

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PostSubject: Unit Awards   Unit Awards Icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 1:27 am

The following historical Soviet Red Army WW II medals will be utilized by this unit to acknowledge demonstrated skills, service to the unit, and outstanding achievement in both normal server play and most importantly, battles with enemy units in sanctioned matches.

Qualification Badges

Unit Awards TankistBadge
Tankist Badge - Proficiency as a Tank Crewman

Unit Awards DesantnikiBadge
Desantniki Badge - Proficiency as a Tank Desant Infantryman

Unit Awards ReconnaissanceScoutbadge
Pekorho Badge - Proficiency as a Reconnaissance Scout

Service Awards

Unit Awards TheOrderofthePatrioticWar2stClass
Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class - Service to the Brigade

Unit Awards TheOrderofthePatrioticWar1stClass
Order of the Patriotic War 1st Class - Outstanding Service to the Brigade

Unit Awards TheOrderoftheRedStar
Order of the Red Star - Exceptional Service to the Brigade

Battle Awards

Unit Awards MedalofValor
Medal of Valor - Participation in Action against the Enemy

Unit Awards OrderofGlory3rdClass
Order of Glory 3rd Class - First Victory in Action against the Enemy

Unit Awards OrderofGlory2ndClass
Order of Glory 2nd Class - Third Victory in Action against the Enemy

Unit Awards OrderofGlory1stClass
Order of Glory 1st Class - Fifth Victory in Action against the Enemy

Unit Awards MedalfortheDefenseofStalingrad
Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad - Excellence in Defensive Operations

Unit Awards MedalfortheCaptureofBerlin
Medal for the Capture of Berlin - Excellence in Offensive Operations

Unit Awards MedalforVictoryoverGermany
Medal for Victory over Germany - Excellence in Teamwork and Leadership.

Unit Awards TheOrderofAlexanderNevsky
Order of Alexander Nevsky - Heroic Performance of Duty in Action against the Enemy

Unit Awards TheOrderofLenin
Order of Lenin - Exceptional Performance of Duty in Action Against the Enemy

Unit Awards Bogdanribbon1st Unit Awards Bogdanribbon2nd Unit Awards Bogdanribbon3rd
The Order of Bogdan Khemelnitsky. To NCOs and men in the army and navy for devotion and bravery.

Unit Awards Suvorovribbon3rd Unit Awards Suvorovribbon2nd Unit Awards Suvorovribbon1st
The order of Suvorov: To army officers for outstanding leadership.

Unit Awards Redbanneroflabourribbon
The Order of the Red Banner of Labour: To individuals or organisations for meritorious services in production, research and public administration.

Unit Awards Orderoftheredbannerribbon
Order of the Red Banner: To individuals for fearlessness, devotion and bravery in battle or to military units for contributing to the successful outcome of a battle or operation in war time.

Unit Awards Valiantlabourinthepatrioticwarribbo
Awarded for continued support and Laborious contribution to the brigade

Unit Awards Yaronewsig1
Unit Awards Yarobar3
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Unit Awards
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