169th Tank Brigade

169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Our Unit and our Regulations

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Our Unit and our Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Our Unit and our Regulations   Our Unit and our Regulations Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 5:30 pm

Mother Russia is beset upon all sides by superior numbers of enemy units. The 169th Tank Brigade was activated as a "Realism Unit" in the spring of 2009 to bring much needed reinforcements into the Red Army’s war effort, particularly in the specialized area of Tank and Tank Desant Infantry combined-arms operations.


- Honor the history of the '169thTank Brigade' soldiers who fought in World War II by representing our unit at all times with skill, valor and good sportsmanship in the online multiplay arena.

- Enhance our member's enjoyment of 'RED ORCHESTRA: OSTFRONT 41-45' by their participation in a historically based online unit that recognizes and rewards individual and group commitment to the game and to the Brigade.

- Offer our unit members the camaraderie and esprit de corps that comes with being part of an elite military organization.


1. Honor the History of the Brigade
Our members are required to conduct themselves in a manner that brings honor to the legacy that comes with the name '169th Tank Brigade'. Actions that bring discredit to our unit will be dealt with as the single most serious breach of discipline this Brigade can have. Valor and an aggressive spirit in battle must be tempered with a sense of courtesy, respect, and fair play.

2. Dedicate your Loyalty to the Brigade
The '169th Tank Brigade' is your online home and your Comrades are also your Brothers. Our unity is our strength, and your participation in and dedication to this Brigade's events is the single deciding factor in its survival and success as an organization.

3. Respect the Chain of Command
We are not a real military organization, but we are based on one. This includes a rank structure and a chain of command that is vital to the operations of the unit and to our success as an organization. All '169th Tank Brigade' members are encouraged to sound off and have their ideas and opinions heard as this ensures two-way communication and the strength of the unit through diversity. They are also expected to accomplish their assigned missions and follow instructions to the best of their ability when they receive orders from those senior to them in the chain of command.

4. Misconduct
Allegations of cheating or misconduct by a member of '169th Tank Brigade' should be directed through the posted chain of command to the attention of the Brigade Commander. The supporting evidence will be considered by the Brigade Command Group and judgment issued by the Brigade Commander. Members found guilty of misconduct could be subject to disciplinary measures such as temporary restriction, reduction in rank, or being permanently struck from the Brigade's roster.

5. Have Fun!!
'RED ORCHESTRA: OSTFRONT 41-45' is a GAME, and one of the goals for this unit is to enhance the enjoyment our members have of that game through their participation in this Brigade's activities. If being in this unit isn't putting a smile on your face, let me know. That's something we'll work together on getting accomplished.

Last but not least, our unit is about online gaming. As an organization, we have no other agendas and we don't support those that do.
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Our Unit and our Regulations
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