169th Tank Brigade

169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 future plans

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Mladshiy Serzhant

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PostSubject: future plans   future plans Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 1:38 pm

So I was wondering what the plans are for the 169th.
Will you be looking to get into competitive play or will it just be scrims with other clans?
Are there any ladders or campaigns you are interested in at present?
Will you be adopting general rules or guidelines from the ol 181st or going in a new direction?

I'm interested in applying and getting into competition again but only seriously as I do not want to waste any ones time or vice versa.

So what are your plans 169th and what do you hope to accomplish?


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PostSubject: Re: future plans   future plans Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 1:58 pm

We actually are in a campaign right now called T.O.C or Theater of Conflict. Matches are on 3 week cycle supposedly. The general plan now is,

Week 1 = Match
Week 2 = Scrim/Training
Week 3 = Training

The matches seem to be at euro times right now on Sunday afternoons. As far as discipline, awards, etc... we are trying to follow the 181st guide lines mostly.

This campaign is different, only one round played, only weapons available the year we are in are allowed etc... Armored beasts is off until 1943. Currently most of our matches have been with the 1st guards as there wasn't enough guys in either unit to field a force. Hopefully as we grow we will be able to get our own battles in the campaign.

The scrims we are trying to set up are with various German clans that have expressed interest in weekly scrims. If we were to set up a regular scrim we would treat it as a match.

Also Mare Nostrum is a part of this campaign. Until now we have tried to keep out of MN. However if there was enough interest we would start an allied sister unit. Pretty much the same thing as here, everyone would hold the same rank we would just use British names and fight with Tommy equipment. This would get us more matches. (all the same it could also be a giant pain in the ass).

We hope to Achieve a Russian victory. Right now the only army group making any progress is South. We are in army group North and have been pushed back.

As far as ladder play. We were trying to stick with realism campaigns, Some of our members are in other ladder groups. If there was enough interest in the future we would consider joining a ladder. (and those that were in both this unit and a ladder unit would have to choose.)

Hope this answers some questions. If you have any more let me or Kliment know via the forums, TS, PM or email.

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Mladshiy Serzhant

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PostSubject: Re: future plans   future plans Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2009 8:47 pm

Thank-you Yaroslav, this has got my attention.
Now that the weather is getting much nicer, I'll be able to get a better out llook on the workload ahead for this spring and into summer. Sundays fits in to this real well. I should be able to make a concrete decision by the end of the week once I get the schedule set.

until then !
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PostSubject: Re: future plans   future plans Icon_minitime

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future plans
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