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169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Russian Names

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PostSubject: Russian Names   Russian Names Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 5:57 pm

Please choose one of these names or a russian name you come up with yourself.
Please note that the * denotes a name that has already been taken.

ADRIAN a town in northern italy.
AFANASI immortal
ALEKSANDER "defending men"
*ALEKSEI helper or defender*
ANTON flower
BOGDAN "gift from God"
BORIS Short form of BORISLAV
BORISLAV "fame in battle"
CARPUS fruit
*DANIIL Russian form of DANIEL*
*DIMITRI Russian form of DEMETRIUS*
*DOMINIK "DOMINIC" of the lord*
*EDVARD rich guard*
EGOR from name Georgy which means "tiller"
EFIM short form is "fima"
EVGENI well born
EVGENIYA well born
FADDEI heart
FEDOT given to God
FOKA “a seal”
FOMA form of THOMAS meaning twin
FYODOR Russian form of THEODORE
FILLYP (Fillip) from Old Greek word meaning "infatuated with horses"
GABRIEL strength of God
GARSHA old or honor
GAVRIIL strength of god
GENNADI noble or generous
GEORGI farmer or earth - worker
GERASIM old or honor
GRIGORI watchful or alert
*HYPATIA supreme power*
IGOR Bow Army
ILARI cheerful
ILYA from the name Elijah
*IOSIF form of Joseph meaning God will add*
IPATI highest or supreme
ISIDORE gift of Egyptian Goddess.
IVAN This was the name of several rulers of Moscow
KARP Fruits or profits
*KAZIMIR to destroy greatness*
KIRIL lord
*KLIMENT merciful and gentle*
KOLYA Pet form of Nicholas
KONSTANTIN constant and stead fast
KUZMA order and decency
*LAZAR Lazarus was a man restored to life by Jesus.*
LEONID lion's son
LEV from Latin word Leo which means lion
LUKA form of Luke
LYOV lion
MAKARI blessed
MAKSIMILIAN This was the name of a 3rd century saint.
*MARTIN derived from the Roman God of Mars*
MATVEI gift of god
MAXIM great
MAKSIM greatest
MIKHAIL Who is God?
MILOSLAV "favour glory"
MIROSLAV "great glory"
MISHA Russian pet form of MICHAEL
MOTYA form of Matthew
NIKIFOR victory carrier
NIKEPHOROS carrying victroy
NIKITA unconquerable
NIKODIM victory of people
NICODEMUS victory of the people
NIKOLAI A notable 19th century Russian novelist.
OLEG successful
ONESIMUS beneficial and profitable
*PANKRATI powerful*
PAVEL small or humble
PATYA humble
PAVEL lowly
PETYA rock
RADKO happy
RADOSLAV happy glory
ROSTISLAV "to usurp glory"
RODERICK famous power
RUSLAN a knight, from "Ruslan and Lyudmila" by Alexander Pushkin
SAMUIL form of Samuel
SASHA defending men
*SAVA old man*
SEMYON listening
*SERGEI servant*
SERGIUS servant
SEMEN From Old Jewish. Means "Heared by God"
SEVASTIAN venerable
STANIMIR "great government"
STANISLAV camp glory or government glory
STEPAN crown
TIKHON Hitting the mark
TARAS from Old Greek word meaning mutineer, rebel.
TIMUR (Tymur)
VADIM to rule with greatness
VALENTIN strong , vigorous and healthy
*VANYA Pet form of IVAN meaning John*
VASYA Pet form of VASILI
VENYAMIN (form of Benjamin
*VIKTOR victory*
VITALI vitals of life
*VLADIMIR "to rule with greatness"*
VLADISLAV "to rule with glory"
YAN Baltic form of name John, Ivan
YAKIM Established by God
YAKOV to hold the heel or supplanter
*YAROSLAV spring glory*
YASHA Russian form of Jacob
YERMOLAI people of Hermis
YEVGENI form of Eugene meaning well born
YEVGENY born well
*YURI Russian form of George meaning “Earth worker or farmer”.*
*ZAKHAR God remembers*
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Russian Names
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