169th Tank Brigade

169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 169th Roster

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PostSubject: 169th Roster   Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:34 am

The following troopers are assigned to the Tank Platoon

Lt. Yaroslav
Szt. Viktor
MdSzt. Edvard
MdSzt. Pankrati
Efr. Kazimir
Efr. Hypatia
Efr. Sergei
Efr. Martin
Efr. Vanya
Efr. Vladimir
Ryd. Nikita
Ryd. Andropov
Ryd. Aleksei
Ryd. Petrenko
Ryd. Yuri
Ryd. Vasya
Ryd. Egorov

The following troopers are assigned to the Infantry Platoon

MdLt. Kliment
Zampolit. Luchan
MdSzt. Sava
Efr. Lazar
Efr. Vol'sky
Ryd. Iosif

The following troopers are assigned to the Scout Section

Efr. Borodin
Ryd. Dominik
Ryd. Zakhar
Ryd. Daniil


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169th Roster
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