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169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Taking down Tigers.

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Taking down Tigers. Empty
PostSubject: Taking down Tigers.   Taking down Tigers. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 2:02 am

Ok so hopefully you've read the effective tanking and angling topics. You understand the basics now it's time for tactics.

There are several maps that pit T-34/76s against the tiger 88's. The things to remember here are the T-34 is faster, has a faster load time, and a much faster turret traverse speed. Those are the positives. Now for the negatives the tiger's 88 can tear you apart even if you are angled it will eventually wear you down.

So, some simple things to beat that evil kitty.

1. Movement is your friend; Roll Up, Fire, Roll Down, Reload, Move slightly, Repeat. Also the closer you can get the more effective your gun will be you need to close with them don't sit on a ridge and duke it out. You WILL LOOSE.

2.Your T-34 is like a wolf, and wolves hunt in packs. Get several T-34s to swarm one tiger. Even two T-34s going after the same tiger will increase your chance of survival. Make sure to come at the tiger from different sides. This forces him to either move his turret with it's really slow traverse speed or realign his whole tank to the oncoming threat at which point another T-34 in your pack has a broadside or rear shot on him.

3.Kittys don't like it up the butt. Get behind the tiger and killing it becomes much easier.

4. Study the weak spots. Tigers don't have sloped armor. They need to angle to their 10:30 and 1:30 use this to your advantage.

In conclusion use speed, numbers, and bravery to your advantage. Be smart about your tanking. Don't sit and slug it out and you will live to tell about it.

Good Luck Hunting Comrades.

Taking down Tigers. Yaronewsig1
Taking down Tigers. Yarobar3
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Taking down Tigers.
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