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169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Effective Tanking

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PostSubject: Effective Tanking   Effective Tanking Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 9:17 pm

- Concealment and Camouflage. Other than hard cover (which we'll cover next), being concealed from the enemy's vision is your best bet to staying alive on the battlefield. If he can't see you, there is not much chance he's going to kill you. Remember that hills, buildings, woods, hedges, etc., are all good to block the enemy's vision of your position or your route of advance. Also remember to not “sky line" your vehicle by driving along the top of a ridgeline, or poking your vehicle over the top of a hill with sky behind you. Driving on the reverse slopes of the ridge, or even the frontal slopes if you have to, is safer than along the crest where you're so much easier to spot. The same thing applies to always having "background cover". Try to make sure you position yourself in terrain that helps to break up the outline of your Panzer. Always make sure you have a "background" of trees or hills behind you when you're moving or positioning along hill tops or ridge lines. A tank against a clear sky background will draw unwanted attention very quickly.

- "TOP HAT" and "LOW SKY". Tanks are just like an infantryman in some ways. A couple are that they need to be in a position where they can't be effectively engaged when they're looking around and they need to be in a position that as little of them is exposed as possible when they're firing their own weapons. These two positions are called TURRET DOWN and HULL DOWN.

TURRET DOWN is when your whole Tank is hidden behind hard cover (not to be confused with concealment, which we just covered) from enemy fire such as down in a hole or behind a hill or a building, etc. They may know you're there but they can't hit you because something is in the way. When your Tank is in a proper turret down position, only the Commander can see or be seen, and he's a lot tougher to pick out to engage than your entire vehicle. BUT.. here's the important thing.. HE can see the enemy with his eyes or binoculars while his Tank is safe from enemy fire. This Turret Down position is the one you want to be in whenever you don't know where the enemy is and you're scanning to pick him up. Make sure the cover you're hiding behind is between you and the most likely direction of the enemy. Be careful, because often if they come from an unexpected direction, like a flank, you're not covered at all. You're wide open to their fire!

HULL DOWN is when your hull and tracks are behind cover but your turret and main weapons are clear to fire. Keep in mind if your gunner can see the enemy through his main gun sight, but your driver's vision is still blocked by the cover, you're in Hull Down. Other than an external view of your Tank, that's the best way to tell if you're in the proper type of position. Your turret armor is some of the thickest on your vehicle, particularly the gun mantle and frontal turret armor, so you're taking the least risk possible being exposed to enemy fire when you're getting ready to engage a target.

- "Rock and Roll" !! Okay.. so you've scanned in Turret Down and seen the enemy you want to engage. You've also checked for other enemies that might be getting the drop on you, and it's safe to go after your target. You've laid (pointed) your main gun in the general area of where your target is so when your gun is clear he'll be in the gunsight picture for a precision lay on target without a lot of time spent moving the turret around to see him. Now it's time to "Rock and Roll"!!

"Rock Up", or move up from Turret Down hide position into Hull Down firing position, take a shot (or two, if you can see nobody is laying a gun on you) and then "Roll Back".. back up! Don't stand up there and slug it out.. especially if you're outnumbered or you have cover and the enemy doesn't. Use that cover to your advantage. Back down to a Turret Down so you can pop the hatch and look him over to see if you brewed him up or damaged him. If he needs to be engaged again, drive slightly to one side and "Rock and Roll" to fire again. Do NOT .. repeat do NOT come back up in the same fighting position that you just vacated!! No better way to suck up an anti-tank round than that. If an enemy gunner is on the ball he'll be laid on that spot you just left.. waiting for you to come back up. And you won't like what he sends downrange your way.
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Effective Tanking
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