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169th Tank Brigade is a Realism unit playing Red Orchestra.
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 Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC

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Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC Empty
PostSubject: Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC   Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC Icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2009 3:10 pm

Recruits post your AARs here.
This is Sergeis example:

Gold 1 "Hellrider" - Efr.Sergei TC and Ryd.Petrenko Driver

Mounted up in T-34/76 as Black 6's wing man and after enjoying a fine round of drinks as we let the ramshackle band of Germans prepare for our attack, we moved up on the right flank. Bounding over watch got us to the ridge line overlooking the AT bunker. After a fabulous spot report from out trusty comrades with the binoculars and sneaks, Gold 1 crested the ridge and began HE bombardment. Due to an unfortunate malfunction of the gunnery sights, our HE rounds were less accurate than would have been desired. We successfully red misted at least one of the krauts however their commanding officer cowardly called down off site artillery that hit us with supernatural speed and precision. Gold 1 had almost made it out of the field of bombardment when a lucky shell landed right on us. Petrenko and I then left the server as we awoke moments later in the German lines.

Round 1 - T34/76

1 Confirmed Infantry kill (Thanks Boro)
1 Death (Thanks superawesomemajikgermanarty)

Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC Yaronewsig1
Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC Yarobar3
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Elnya AARs for April 26th ToC
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